About Me

My name is Matthew Jackson, but I go by Riley. It is a pen name I use in writing, and more than just that, its who I feel I really am. I am gender fluid and often switch between differing degrees of Masculine and Feminine. I write fiction, mainly sci-fi and fantasy, which my twitter fiction (fiction that fits in the length of a tweet) mostly leaning towards the every day, instead of the extraordinary. I have been formally diagnosed with Asperger’s according to the DSM IV, and ASD according to the DSM V. This website is multipurpose. I hope to raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders through posting about my own struggles (and occasional blessings) with ASD, reposting other blogs that talk about Autism and other people’s experiences, and to also expand my writing network for fiction. I will post some fiction under my Fiction menu heading. Any posts I make myself about Autism will go under Life with Asperger’s, and any other reblogs of Autism related topics will go under Other Autism Reblogs. I of course, will give due credit where it is deserved to the original posters, as this is their experience and not mine. That is why I have made a separate section for reblogs only. Enjoy.


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