Autism and Restricted Interests

I feel like at times i am almost annoyed by the such narrow and cycling interests that come with being Autistic. I knew that to begin with people with Autism would have restricted interests.

Some of my restricted interests include writing, psychology, and video games.

Writing my own pieces of work had been a large part of my life since high school. i would write about a variety of different situations or stories that i had came up with on my own.

Videogames is also one of my interests, in particular at one point it has been first person shooters and role playing games. i would not play anything else besides that. To this day i only have 1 game that i have really stuck to, a computer game called runescape. It has been in my life for about 10 years at this point. I now play some phone games along with Runescape.

Psychology had been an interest of mine for a little while. I began to take classes so that i could major in it. While it is still a part of my life, it seems my interest now is in children with special needs.

The reason i have mentioned all of these things was because my friend had showed me a page from a textbook she had that says that restrictive interests may vary and cycle. I found this so fascinating.

I finally had an answer for my seemimgly weird game of “Wheel of Careers” during college. As of right now I am applying to a Master’s Program for Special Education.

This was something i had just found out that i had to share.


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