Adapting to New Routines

I would like to begin this post by saying that for a while that I have been trying to set up a new routine for my life. One that I think would be much more useful than the one I currently have. The problem with me being an Aspie is that I love routine. So much so that I  cannot change from my current routine to a new one that I would like to incorporate more into my life.

My daily routine consists of this:

I wake up some mornings. It depends when I sleep and when I don’t sleep. The days I do sleep I can wake up anywhere from early in the morning, around 4 am local time. to 10 or even 11 am local time. The timing really varies. This is very problematic because I am a university student and I have classes that I need to be at at 9 am on Tuesdays and 10 am every other day. There are days where I will completely sleep past classes.

Then there is a whole different beast. These are the nights in which I do not sleep. The rest of the day is plagued for me. I deal with things such as eye strain, yawning and nodding off in classes. or there are even times I don’t have that happen. Where I am alert and awake. I think those are the worst.

Depending on the day I make it to what classes I can. After that I either head straight home or spend time with my personfriend. If I head home I try and work on homework, usually without progress being made. If I spend time with my personfriend we will spend time together enjoying each others company and trying to work. As of late I have not been able to work while I have been there. I think it is just my attitude while I am there? I am not sure. There are days I just literally feel like doing nothing. What time I don’t spend doing homework, I usually spend on the computer, playing a computer game called Runescape. Runescape is very important to me. It has been in my life for 10 years and it is not easy to just leave it. Then I either go to bed early because I end up crashing, or I stay up through the night. It depends on what’s happened the night before.

I would like now to have a set get up time and a set bed time. I would like to have set time to do homework and set time to play runescape. Set time to leisure read and set time to write. Also I would like to build in time to see my personfriend and also to exercise everyday. Changing from routine to routine is hard. If anyone has pointers that may help or somewhere I can go, please point me in that direction or comment below.


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