Revisiting Misunderstandings

I had previously made a blog post on misunderstandings that i have since i am Autistic. I wanted to revisit this and give this a bit more through explanation than i had in my previous post.

In my previous post i had talked about the big miscommunication i had with my campus bookstore. While i thought this was a good example of a major miscommunication i did not have a lot of other miscommunications.

I want to try to now explain what goes on in a given day with miscommunications.

I can have quite a few slip ups in a given day. Some of my most common ones are “what day is today?”

But wait a minute you say, how is that a slip up?

I have a number of different things going on in a given day. I have doctors visits quite often, for one thing or another. Knowing what day today is is important for me in that respect. It is also important for my classes. I have a 9 am discussion class on only tuesdays, otherwise i aim to get up around the same time each day.

Of course it never happens due to some terrible sleep problems i have, but tuesdays are especially important.

I can have misunderstandings with my Personfriend (like a boyfriend or girlfriend, only they identify as multiple genders). We often try to agree to meet at certian places. And sometimes, one or both of us end up in the wrong spot. (I believe they have Asperger’s, but has not been diagnosed yet. That is a story for another time.)

There are slip ups that are unique to given situations, like the bookstore slip up.

I often misunderstand what is supposed to be done in an assignment for school.

These are just a couple examples of some of the things i deal with on a daily basis with misunderstandings. They often leave me confused and disoriented, and often take time to resolve.

I can attribute some of this to my bad short term/working memory, which at times, is really bothersome to me.


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