My writing hobby and Autism

This post is going to be a crossover post. This is going to be going on both my life with Asperger’s and my fiction categories.

This is an idea that had just came to me. I want to describe in this post my kind of writing style, etc, and how i feel it ties in with my Autism.

Often when i get an idea for a story, i have a rough idea of what i would like to do with it.  I say to myself “okay i want this and and this to happen in my story.”

In my first drafts i often get a very basic and just get down what i want to say. In subsequent drafts. I will take the basic idea and begin to imagine the scenes. It plays like a movie in my head and I describe what I think is important to the scene. I will often also sit down and try to “talk” to my own characters. I can flush out details about the character.

I probably sound crazy to some people at this point. It gets me to help understand my characters.

Even with all of this at my disposal, I still struggle to write well. I have a program that helps me with proofreading. Something else that i have to deal with is my dyslexia. If i ever notice some error in my writing, it takes me a while to notice. I have trouble expressing what i want to in express in my stories. Thats where proofreaders come in use, and also workshops.

My editing is undergoing some change currently. I have previously been polishing work that has needed major work.

Workshops are hard, i have all this information coming at me and i don’t know what to do with it. I just had a workshop at the start of the week. This was my first workshop with this teacher.

By the end of it i honestly wanted to cry. I felt raw, hurt. I had kind of knew what i was getting myself into but other workshops had been different than this one. The workshop i had came out of seemed much more productive. I am happy that i got to have an experience like that because now i know what i need to do to make that piece better.

I have a very specific section of fiction i like to work in but i do vary a little bit. I mostly write Science Fiction and Fantasy. On some of my shorter pieces I have dabbled a bit in more contemporary fictionn or i guess, more traditional.

I have had 1 twitter fiction piece published. That was a success I was very happy about. I was so excited when i saw my piece with the short bio i had written published on If you want to check out that tweet length piece i will provide a link to the website here. It is on the second page of the site, number 699, look for Riley Jackson. What i managed to get published was a more contemporary piece on a topic that is very dear to me. It shows what some people on the high end of Autism are capable of.

Here I have looked at some of my writing habits and how it interacts with my Autism.


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