Stimming is a concept I had not heard of but I had been doing without realizing it. It makes sense now that I realize what the concept is. When I am bored I will resort to stimming to keep myself interested. Even though I am biologically a guy, one of my favorite stims is playing with my hair. I am not sure why this is the case. I think its just allowing me to feel and keep myself entertained. A stim that I have had with me for a long time, that I often do in excess, (which I can only do when I am at home, is a computer game called Runescape. I will play this game while doing other stims, sometimes even to the determent of my school work and social relationships. I often day dream and think about characters in stories I would like to write, plots for stories I would like to write. The feeling of touching my skin is also another stim that I like. I know that these stims allow me to function throughout the day and often when I am at home. I flick my phone and scroll through pages on it. Twitter is a good friend of mine as well. There is a video that I found looking at another blog on WordPress. When I first listened to this I was absolutely amazed. I’d like to share it here, giving credit of course to the person who performed this poem at a Ted talk. Her name is Erin Clemens, the Ted Talk was at West Chester.

Everyone Stims

This nicely sums up stims in my opinion. I have offered some of mine, and explained what they do for me. That video is to help show that everyone does it. I hope in the future that stims become less stigmatized.


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