Some Twitter Fiction Pieces

So I am into a thing called Twitter fiction. Twitter fiction looks at what you are able to post within the length of a tweet. These stories are often only a couple sentences at a time. I have had one published on the site I inserted a hyperlink that links you to the website so you can check out some of the other amazing twitter fiction pieces published on the website. If you are interested in writing for them you can check out the information on their site. I have worked with some other pieces that have not made the cut. So for your enjoyment I will post a couple of my rejected ones here. I have included character counts as well.

The beach used to remind her of the perfect life she once had. Now, as she sat on the beach, melancholy hung over her. (118/140 Characters)

And here is my other piece.

He wished for this, though under better circumstances. Everything is falling around him, and everyone is coming to him now. He is in charge. (140/140 Characters)

As I work on pieces for other classes and as I hear back from on my other pieces I will continue to add more.



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