Autism and Misunderstandings

We have all had a misunderstanding or two in our lives. Something that marks my life with Aspergers is that i tend to have more misunderstandings. I have an example of one that just recently happened.

I went to my campus’ bookstore and had a misunderstanding with the lady that was helping me. On two different occasions, i walked out without paying for books. I hadnt known this at the time but I felt that something had seemed odd about the exhange i had. I went back on i believe it was a Friday or a Saturday and had wanted to clear this up. (Note: it has been resolved) So because of a simple misunderstanding in terminology, i got so nervous and anxious. We sorted the situation out but this was a more recent situation of misunderstanding I’ve had. One of many on a daily basis. Being in college is hard without having problems. With problems it just makes things more complicated.


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